Learn about the advantage of having an e-commerce store

There are many benefits to having an online shop, whether it is to sell products alongside a conventional shop or as a standalone e-commerce venture.

Here are the top 10:

  1. Reduce Overheads – an online shop is cheaper to set up and run than using a premises, you don’t have to worry about rent, bills and staffing costs in particular quiet periods.
  2. Lower Marketing Costs – it is much easier to target the right demographic online rather than using other more traditional forms of advertising. For example an eshot is considerably cheaper than printing out leaflets etc.
  1. Expand Geographical Reach – having an online presence allows you to sell nationwide or even internationally, something that having a shop premises will limit.
  1. Being Open for Business 24/7 – being online allows customers to shop or browse at a time that suits them, research shows that most people shop online between 12pm -2pm weekdays and on Sunday evenings. Automated payment systems means you are open for business 24 hours a day which is great for potential new customers.
  1. Greater Flexibility – having a website you control, makes life easier for you and your business. You can add products instantly or create flash sales without incurring extra costs for expensive display printed marketing material.
  1. Broader Potential Customer Base – an e-commerce business is an additional buying tool, it is capable of attracting customers who have not bought from you before, hence broadening your customer base.
  1. Improved Customer Profiling – you can now target specific demographics regarding particular products and services. Data suddenly becomes easier to get hold of and you can begin to build a customer database to future market too.
  1. Increased Visibility for your Business – if you invest in your online business, you can really grow your brand by using clever SEO, resulting in you becoming easier to find when customers are looking for particular products.
  1. The Ability to tell People about your Business – this is particularly valuable when an online presence operates alongside a high street shop. You can tell people who you are, what you do, when you are open and how to contact you.
  1. Another Marketing Tool – having testimonials or reviews about your business visible for all to see is a great marketing tool, it helps to build trust instantly and makes people want to give you a try.

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