LEARN ABOUT THE importance of having a website

In todays day and age, a business without a website is almost like it doesn’t exist! People visit the  internet for information. You need to have  website to tell customers what you do and more importantly, what you can do for them.

Advertising via traditional methods such as newspapers, flyers, radio and/or television can work out to be quite costly, however having a website will promote your company. It makes it easier for customers to find you and advertising via the web can be a lot more cost effective and measureable. 

Not only does it give your business credibility but it allows you to communicate 24/7, you can list opening hours, contact information, location and show pictures/videos or details of products you are selling. Having a website makes your company appear more reputable and will instantly make people feel more comfortable when using your services.

Many business owners have found that by having a well designed website they have dramatically cut costs and don’t feel the need to have a shop front, as the majority of their business is now done online. Eliminating overheads enables you to lower prices and therefore gives your business a competitive edge. Plus, as the internet is global, you can expand geographically and grow your customer base.

Another major benefit is it gives you the power to identify who your typical customer is and analyse how they found you. Knowledge is power and it means you can adapt as and when the business needs it, for example expand product ranges and stock levels. Consumer insight becomes available at the click of a button.

If you want to be ahead of the competition, you need a fresh and easy to navigate around website. You can guarantee your competitor has one, so make your business stand out and be in the forefront of your customers minds. Communicate with them and offer excellent online customer service so they come away with a positive experience wanting to return. 


A website will strengthen your business, create awareness and help to grow the brand.